Welcome to Puno


Welcome to Puno

The scenic beauty of this area of southern Peru is awesome. The jewel is the Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world and the legend attributes the origin of the Inca civilization. But the creativity of Puno is even more surprising. The Feast of the Virgen de la Candelaria, in February, is one of the most important celebrations in Peru and spirituality dating back hundreds of years because it is the continuation of the cult of Mother Earth (Pachamama) of pre-Hispanic times. That is why the customs in Puno are not lost and their costumes, music, dance, crafts and food testify that their culture is kept alive, and can also be shared with the visitor, which adds interest to a trip that every tourist will want to repeat.


It is one of the most original of Peru. Incorporates native ingredients such as potatoes, quinoa, cañihua, herbs, meat and fish alpaca Titicaca, in addition to products brought from Europe centuries ago and adopted to local tastes like cheese and lamb, beef and pork.

Popular art

The puneños artists show their talent in exquisite woven alpaca and sheep wool dyed with natural dyes, colorful costumes and masks, as well as pottery of remarkable beauty. The Pucara bull is one of the most original artistic expression of Andean-Spanish fusion.


Lake Titicaca and the surrounding areas have landscapes and wildlife species that make the observation of nature and landscape photography into an unforgettable experience.

Useful Data:


Capital: 3827 msnm (Puno)

Minimum: 820 msnm (Lanlacuni Bajo)

Maximum: 4725 msnm (San Antonio de Esquilache)


Puno lies on the shores of Lake Titicaca and is cold and semi-dry climate. The rainy season begins in October and ends in April. The average annual maximum temperature is 14 ° C and minimum 3 ° C.


By land: Lima-Arequipa-Juliaca-Puno 1324 km (18 hours by car).

Air: Regular flights to Juliaca from Lima (1 hour 45 minutes, with a stopover in Arequipa) and from Arequipa (25 minutes).

Train: Cusco – Puno 384 km (10 hours).



Welcome to Puno

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