Welcome to Cusco


Welcome to Cusco

In Cusco time passes quickly because there is so much to know that your stay will seem short, so everyone who comes promises to return. The ancient capital of Tawantinsuyu is a city of sharp contrasts and seduction exercised its magnificent Inca walls, topped by balconies and roofs of Spanish influence, realize his legacy: a mixture that is enriched by the energy radiating its religious buildings festooned works of priceless art, the creativity of its craftsmen and festivals such as Corpus Christi and Inti Raymi, which held that communion between Christian and ancestral you will not find anywhere else. Is that you have reached the center of the world.


In Cusco there are restaurants for all tastes and economies. Among the main dishes include the baked guinea pig, pork, adobo, dishes and alpaca Andean cereals such as quinoa and amaranth.

Nights in Cusco

The suggestive combination of live folk music, around midnight, with the best rock until dawn, this city is a registered trademark.

Popular art

In markets and craft fairs will find innumerable delicacies such as loom weaving, pottery, Cusco replica painting, wood carvings, imagery, jewelery and masks. The San Blas neighborhood is known for its artisan workshops.

Useful Data:


Capital: 3399 msnm (Cusco)

Minimum: 532 msnm (Pilcopata)

Maximum: 4801 msnm (Suyckutambo)


Cusco has a semi-dry and cold weather. The average annual maximum temperature is 19 ° C and minimum of 4 ° C. The rainy season starts in November and ends in March, a time when the mountains are covered in green. Between June and July is the “frost” (cold) you have reported occasional snowfalls.


By land: Lima-Arequipa-Cusco: 1650 km (26 hours by car)

Lima-Nasca-Puquio-Abancay-Cusco: 1131 km (20 hours by car)

Puno-Cusco: 389 km (7 hours by car)

Air: Regular flights from Lima (1 hour) and from Arequipa (30 minutes) to the city of Cusco.

Train: Regular service: Puno-Cusco: 384 km (10 hours)


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Welcome to Cusco

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