Welcome to Arequipa


Welcome to Arequipa

The White City, named for its buildings in ashlar, a volcanic stone, shines for its sunny climate and its gastronomy, one of the most exquisite of Peru. The colonial and republican heritage that boasts its architecture, shown in churches, convents and houses, prompted UNESCO to declare the downtown Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Arequipa is the second largest city in the country. It has three imposing watchtowers, Misti, and Pichu Pichu volcanoes Chachani, but its people are proud and hospitable, who give the city its unique charm. Your visit will only be complete if the program outputs countryside of Arequipa, Colca and some of its protected areas.


Arequipa boasts one of the best cuisines of Peru. Typical restaurants called picanterías offer dishes like stuffed hot pepper, adobo, shrimp soup among others. Also good pisco distilled. If traveling to Colca, be sure to try the dishes made from quinoa and alpaca.

Nature y adventure

The Colca valley and home to extraordinary scenery Cotahuasi. They are ideal places for adventure sports. Another route is the one that leads to the coast, deserts and beautiful beaches as Camana Molleno Mejia and Puerto Inca.


Take a souvenir of Arequipa. The city prides itself on the creativity of its artists. Watercolors and modern painters and craftsmen working ashlar, alpaca fiber textiles, embroidered and embossed leather. Furthermore, sweets, chocolate and liquor.

Useful Data:


Capital: 2335 msnm (Arequipa)

Minimum: 09 msnm (Punta de Bombón)

Maximum: 4910 msnm (Mirador de los volcanes – Caylloma)


The city of Arequipa is semi-arid and temperate climate, with an average maximum temperature of 21.7 ° C and a minimum of 6.9 ° C. The rainy season starts in January and ends in March.

Vías de acceso:

Terrestre: Lima-Arequipa: 1003 km por la Carretera Panamericana Sur (14 horas en auto). Aérea: Vuelos diarios desde las ciudades de Lima (1 hora), Cusco (30 minutos), Juliaca (30 minutos) y Tacna (30 minutos), hasta la ciudad de Arequipa.



By land: Lima- Arequipa: 1003 km on the Panamerican Highway South (14 hours by car).

Air : Daily flights from Lima ( 1 hour) , Cusco (30 minutes) , Juliaca ( 30 minutes) and Tacna (30 minutes ) to the city of Arequipa.


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Welcome to Arequipa


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